Four Words

As a parent you never ever want to hear these 4 words that can never be taken back! “Your Child Has Cancer”! You will never be the same. You will never look at life the same. Everything in your life stops. And I mean everything. You are all of a sudden not hungry, not sleepy. Your bank account is not on your mind. You don’t remember the argument you had that morning with a co-worker. Life just stops. You can hear your heartbeat but now it sounds different. It feels different. It hurts!!! There is an agony inside of your chest. Your heart becomes larger and it engulfs your neck and face. Your face becomes flush. Muscles tighten then become flaccid almost all in one motion like running a marathon and crossing the finish line only to collapse from fatigue. You’ve never experienced these emotions until now. Because now your in an exclusive club you did not ask to be a part of. A club you never want to invite friends too. A club you desperately wish you could un-enroll from. Unlike your club or gym memberships that you can cancel, this membership becomes permanent. Its part of your DNA now! No matter how hard you try to remove yourself from this, there is no way out. Now you have to embrace this ugly reality that will haunt you always. My child has cancer.

When you come across a family, a friend or even a stranger with a child with cancer, remember they are part of a club now they can’t escape. Lend a hand of support or a simple gesture that signals to them you are thinking of them or perhaps praying for them. Lets help these families know they are not alone and they have our support to embrace them in the dire time of need.