Gabriella’s 5K Cupcake Run

Become a Vendor

Corporate Vendor Spot - $150: Health, fitness or child-related businesses

  • 10' x 10' space

  • You must provide your own tent, table, and chairs

  • OR *5 registered runners --> by creating a team under your company/organization name, and register the amount of runners that is required.
    *This will satisfy the $150 fee.

  • E-mail your team name to in order to verify all registrations

  • If making the $150 payment (instead of 5 registered runners), please make checks payable to: Gabriella’s Smile Foundation, 10650 Culebra Ste. 104 PMB 129 San Antonio, Texas 78251

Pediatric Cancer Nonprofit Spot - FREE: Kids healthcare or cancer support nonprofits welcome

  • 10' x 10' space

  • You must provide your own tent, table, and chairs

SIGN UP below and choose the payment option that best works for you.  

Become an Official Cupcake Donor

We are looking for cupcake donations from local bakers. Home-based business welcomed.

We are asking for each baker to donate a minimum of 5 dozen. We will gladly pick up the cupcakes the night before the race or you can deliver them to the race location, the morning of. Bakers are required to include signs that have the list of cupcake ingredients so that we can post them for all to see. On the back of the sign you must include the address where they were made. (This is required in order to comply with the City of Schertz).

To sign up and keep up with updates, please sign up by clicking on the link below.

Cupcake Donors 2019