Apply for a Grant

We were extremely fortunate to receive support from our family, friends, and community throughout Gabriella’s fight against DIPG. Having a solid support system within the healthcare community is equally important. We strongly encourage families to speak with the social worker at your child’s hospital or treatment facility, as they may be able to connect you with foundations or organizations able to provide grants and assistance to your family.

Our need for financial assistance was one of our family’s heaviest burdens during the eight months Gabriella fought DIPG. For this reason, Gabriella's Smile Foundation was created to provide financial support to families with children fighting pediatric brain cancer. We want you to know that we are praying for you, but most importantly, we want to provide you with financial assistance.

Gabriella's Smile Foundation would like to gift your family a $750 grant to ease the financial stress that accompanies a DIPG brain cancer diagnosis. We understand that there are numerous additional expenses incurred by families almost immediately upon receiving such a devastating diagnosis. Let us help you endure this challenge.

You are free to use this grant money at your discretion for medical expenses, travel expenses, treatments, bills, and other living expenses as you see fit. You may also use it to treat your child to a special day or occasion during their time of need. Our goal is to bring a smile and some relief to your family while under such difficult circumstances.

 Applications received on or before the 10th of any given month will be reviewed for the following month; as an example, applications received between January 11th and February 10th of a given year will be reviewed for the March grant. At this time, we can only approve one application per month.

attention: We are unable to accept any additional applications due to limited funding. We apologize for the inconvenience.