Families We’ve Helped

The images below represent some of the families we have helped since launching our financial grant program in August of 2016. We are thrilled to say we have awarded over $37,000 to over 58 families. Most of these families have Facebook pages; links are available by clicking on any child's picture below.

Sadly, while several of these precious children are no longer here with their families, they are not forgotten. Many of these families continue fighting in any way possible to make a difference, and to honor the legacies of their children. Please take a moment, visit their pages, and learn more about their stories. The story of each child will never end, because a parent's job is to never give up. The fight continues. #StrongerThanDIPG

Grant Recipient Testimonial

Your generous gift to our family is so meaningful. It will help us tremendously during such a difficult time. My hope is to one day be able to help other families- just as you are doing for us.
— Carla, Mother of Clare

We do not have pictures of all of the children and families we have assisted, but we do have each of their names and aim to honor them all. Not pictured above:

  • Audrina Rodriguez - Grant Recipient, September 2016

  • Monica Rubio - Grant Recipient #2, December 2017

  • Arianna Martinez Rocha - Grant Recipient, August 2018

  • Kevin Villasenor - Grant Recipient #2, December 2018

  • Juvell Harris - Grant Recipient #3, December 2018

  • Helen Azar - Grant Recipient, March 2019

  • Adriana Mendoza - Grant Recipient, April 2019

  • G. Martinez- Grant Recipient, July 2019

  • Jordan Trujillo- Grant Recipient, September 2019