The Strong Initiative

We are happy to announce our family’s future plans for life and philanthropic work. Our family has endured tremendous tragedy and grief over the past few years, but we have also endured tremendous grace, love and support from family, friends and our community.

I am Ordained with the Assemblies of God and look forward to sharing our positive message with you.

The project called “The Strong Initiative” is part of “Gabriella’s Smile”, and "STRONGERthandipg”, and will involve our work in the community and across the country as we share Gabriella’s story and bring awareness to DIPG and pediatric cancer.

We hope to grow this project by working not only helping families, and funding research, but also to help bring a positive message to families facing pain and discouragement. We hope to help families find purpose beyond their pain.

Please join us as we embark on our journey by subscribing to this blog or liking our page on Facebook called The Strong Initiative.

We have a Voice

We have a Call

We all have a Purpose